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$ / mo. flat rate

Avg. $ / user / mo.

For 1 users' standart license. Pricing may vary due to activated add-ons.

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Number of Users 10 Max. 1000 Unlimited
Usage Duration 14 days Unlimited Unlimited
Unlimited KPI
Cloud Based
Badges / Points / Leaderboard
Mobile App
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Support Website
E-mail Support
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Frequently asked Questions

Do I need to give my credit card to try Motivacraft?

No. You don’t need to enter your credit card information to the system during the trial period. You can use Motivacraft free for 14 days and use it without adding any payment method. During this period, Motivacraft will be open without any limitation. When your trial period ends, you can define the payment method of your selection to the system and continue using the platform.

Can I add new users to Motivacraft whenever I want?

Motivacraft can be easily scaled with flexible cloud infrastructure. You can make changes in your team and add new users to your team by purchasing at any moment. New users will be priced for the remaining days of the month.

What is a user?

The user is a definition for the personnel who can log in to Motivacraft with their own e-mail and password. Each user has a different e-mail address than the other users. When you remove a user from the system (for example, when the employee leaves the job), this user will not be billed for the following payment periods. For large-scale companies with more than 1000 active users, Motivacraft can offer different user packages. Please contact us for more information.

What are the payment and invoicing methods?

When the demo (trial) period ends, the service fee will be automatically collected from the credit card defined on the payment system. Following the payment, your invoice will be prepared based on defined invoicing information and sent to your address. The payment is securely processed by İyzico Payment System. Motivacraft does not store your credit card information under no circumstances.

Is there any limitation for the product I will use during the trial period?

The number of users for the trial period is limited to 10. Other than that, you can use Motivacraft products without any property limitation. You can create as much contest as you like and assign targets to your users.

Who should use Motivacraft?

All companies have success targets. Any firms with success targets that want to create an appreciation-based corporate culture and loves data-driven actions can use Motivacraft. Managing teams, keeping the employee at the highest level, performance development and facilitating general data are the starting points of Motivacraft.

How can I cancel my Motivacraft membership?

We don’t think you would want to cancel your Motivacraft membership when you see the employee performance and motivation increase. Still, you can cancel Motivacraft at any time by using your admin panel. You can continue to use Motivacraft from cancellation date to expiry date without any limitation. There will be no refund for the unused period.

Is my data safe?

Your data is encrypted and protected with the highest security. During your membership, only you and authorised users can access your data. If you do not renew your membership when your membership period ends, you cannot access your data. In this case, the data will be automatically, permanently and securely deleted from the system in 90 days if Motivacraft account is not renewed.

I have further questions. How can I reach Motivacraft?

If you have any other questions or demands, you can contact us by using the forms on our contact page and via our contact information on the same page. You can get online support from our website during office hours.

Do you have further questions? We would be happy to help you