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Features That Make
Motivacraft Powerful

We are helping to meet your company targets in fun and interesting way.

We do not plan to turn your business into a playground. We use basic psychology to make your employees more inclusive and interactive. We trigger their desire to compete, self-development and challenging themselves and we reward their efforts and achievements. Instead of giving them one single huge target, we divide the process towards the target into small steps to feel continuous achievement. We make every step, every effort valuable.

All the advantages of cloud infrastructure

Instant feedback and forward feedback

Detailed Reporting

Powerful and flexible integration

Appreciation / Thanks and social sharing

Customizable reward market

Performance visualization

Instant data transfer with API

Multi-language support

Customizable theme and story

Training with Mini LMS


What can we do for you?

Motivacraft's powerful and flexible gamification engine is at your disposal to solve any motivational problem you may encounter. With Motivacraft, you do not invest in software that will solve a single problem, but in gamification that can be useful in solving your motivational problems today and tomorrow.

Happy Customers

"Motivacraft's gamification solutions aim to motivate employees more with exciting and entertaining competitions. The fact that the successes of the competitions are returned to employees as points or gifts increases competition and the desire to work."

Berna Tokay / EVP Finance and Administration @ Vektör A.Ş.
Berna Tokay / EVP Finance and Administration @ Vektör A.Ş.

"It played a key role in the mobilization of our sales staff and the start of more contests. Inter-personnel and inter-store duels improved store turnover by 20%."

Ali Büyükkanlı / General Coordinator @ Portakal A.Ş.
Ali Büyükkanlı / General Coordinator @ Portakal A.Ş.

"With Motivacraft it’s easy to see how much we achieve our general goals. Compared to the past, our employees are far more eager to achieve their goals and move forward."

Tankut Masareci / Founder @ Primestore
Tankut Masareci / Founder @ Primestore