What Benefits Does
Gamification Provide?

Increases productivity

When you use gamification mechanics to improve your employees' abilities, you create a more relaxed and collaborative working environment. As well as your employee loyalty, your productivity, profit margins and overall profitability also increase.

Increases motivation

Gamification uses cascading targeting, recognizing achievements, intrinsic and extrinsic reward systems that increase employee motivation. Increased overall satisfaction leads to an increase in performance and commitment.

Encourages creativity

Thanks to gamification mechanics, individuals take part in the processes more. Being an active participant leads to loyalty, while loyalty means more creativity.

Strengthens communication

Gamification mechanics strengthen both internal and interdepartmental communication. The more involved the employees are, the more feedback they will give, thus strengthening the communication among them.

Encourages you to be a participant

Gamification increases the sense of belonging to a team. It ensures that employees are more aware of their contributions and internalize the objectives.

Enables digitalization

Performance processes and all the gamified key-performance-indicators are monitored, tracked and evaluated in a digital environment.

Improves competencies

With gamification, you can identify the competencies that individuals in your team need to be able to succeed, and direct them to behave in the right way to earn them.

Contributes to your company image

As well as being used to enhance the roles of individuals in your gamification team, it can also make you a center of attraction for potential candidates who will contribute.

Measurable Outcomes


+%10New Customers


+%12Customer Satisfaction

-%9Employees Leaving


How Do We Achieve
Successful Results?



We need to get to know you and your goals more closely in order to propose the most suitable solution for you. Just telling us the biggest obstacle between you and success is enough.



Using the Design Thinking methodology, in the light of the information you provide, we can organize workshops together, create the most suitable solutions for you and offer them for your evaluation.



Once the general concept has become clear, we can immediately adapt what has been found to one of our ready-made solutions in the cloud. We can also create an original scenario with themes and scenarios completely unique to you. The choice is entirely yours.



Before implementing the scenarios we have created, testing them on a special group and fine-tuning according to the results ensures that we always get the optimum outcome.



When you say “Let the games begin!” we don’t leave you on your own. We are always with you in all matters, such as transmitting all the rules to your team, providing usage training and preparing the launch campaign.



All the solutions we offer are permanent ones. So whenever you need help along the way, or when new improvements are needed, we are always at your service.

Features That Make
Motivacraft Powerful

We help companies achieve their goals in a fun and engaging way.

We don't plan to turn your business into a games room. We use basic psychology to make employees more involved and interactive. We trigger the desire to compete, for self-development and self-transcendence, and reward efforts and achievements. Instead of giving one big, single goal, we break the process down, leading the way to the goal in steps so that employees will always feel successful. We make every step and every effort worthwhile.

Customizable Theme and Scenario

Cloud or On-Premise Installation

Detailed Reporting

Powerful and Flexible Integration

Performance Visualization

Real-Time Feedback

Multi-Language Support

Academic Support

Happy Customers

"Motivacraft's gamification solutions aim to motivate employees more with exciting and entertaining competitions. The fact that the successes of the competitions are returned to employees as points or gifts increases competition and the desire to work."

Berna Tokay / EVP Finance and Administration @ Vektör A.Ş.
Berna Tokay / EVP Finance and Administration @ Vektör A.Ş.

"It played a key role in the mobilization of our sales staff and the start of more contests. Inter-personnel and inter-store duels improved store turnover by 20%."

Ali Büyükkanlı / General Coordinator @ Portakal A.Ş.
Ali Büyükkanlı / General Coordinator @ Portakal A.Ş.

"Instantly updated contest screens brought a new mood to the entire office. Thanks to the ability to provide instant and on-site feedback, sales processes are now working more effectively and problems can be resolved before they arise. Our salespeople embrace their business with their motivation and efforts being known and appreciated by everybody."

Numan Etgür / Founder @ TVPlan
Numan Etgür / Founder @ TVPlan

"With MotivaCraft it’s easy to see how much we achieve our general goals. Compared to the past, our employees are far more eager to achieve their goals and move forward."

Tankut Masareci / Founder @ Primestore
Tankut Masareci / Founder @ Primestore