With Motivacraft, you can increase individual and team motivation of the call centre agents, their job loyalty and participation easily and encourage them to perform better.

If your agents are struggling to follow their targets and understand how they can reach their targets, if they are struggling to get feedback or when it is too late when they get feedback, if you can’t follow the progress and reward their achievements on time, Motivacraft’s strong, flexible and customisable gamification platform is the right solution you need.

Call Centre Efficiency

Are you ready to increase your motivation?

What benefits to Motivacraft provide to you?

The platform will create a healthy competitive environment.

We all love winning and to see we are better than everyone else. The best way to motivate and improve performance of call centre agents is to keep their own and their friend’s achievements visible all the time. With Motivacraft, you can create an environment where your call centre agents can compete with each other without belittling each other and focus on their achievements..

The platform encourages creativity

With Motivacraft, you can encourage your call centre agents to think creatively, use their capacity at the fullest and take responsibilities. As a result, you can have agents who love their job with high commitment and committed to self-development with their efforts.

Closely monitor performance indicators.

The greatest contribution of Motivacraft to your call centre is providing meaningful data easily and transparently. Who can reach their targets or who are left behind, who can achieve better results with a short additional training? All this data and more are on your fingertips with Motivacraft.

Call Centre Efficiency

Ready to increase your performance?

key properties

Prominent Features

Special themes and plans

You can easily apply suitable solutions with fun, special themes and plans that will encourage everyone to participate.

Data-driven decisions

You can’t develop what you can’t measure. No matter where you are Motivacraft visualise and report your most important metrics.

Defining your metrics

The important performance indicators for each company differs based on activity fields. Motivacraft can easily match the special needs of your company.

Increasing awareness and recognition

Increase participation and motivation with instant feedback. Enable your employees to stay as a part of your story.

Customisable reward market

You can specially design your reward market for your company. Your employees can convert the points they earned with real prizes.

Working in harmony

Motivacraft can work integrated standalone or with your own reporting tools. You can easily integrate into your existing infrastructure for a unique experience.