We set out to create happy, effective and high performance work environments...

Today's employees prefer to work in companies where they can follow their personal development, give them clear and concrete goals, not only tell the targets to be achieved, but also provide them with the necessary methods and tools to achieve these goals. In 2015, the Motivacraft platform was developed to meet the needs of companies with a solid corporate culture.

Motivacraft adapts gamification mechanics to your business processes. In this way, your company employees will receive and give more feedback and they will be appreciated and rewarded as they reach their goals. All these changes increase employee happiness, productivity, loyalty and motivation. Moreover, they are able to know their targets more clearly thanks to the road map provided to them. They receive full support for the processes that will lead them to their goals. Moreover, thanks to the transparency of internal competition, they are able to develop continuously in a constructive and supportive environment. More communication, sharing and higher participation among employees is observed. Happy and motivated employees are experiencing serious reductions in their turnover rates and their loyalty to their companies is increasing.

While we provide employees with comfortable, happy and effective environments, we are pleased to offer an effective tool that will enable them to be ahead of their competitors and to carry them to success, and we continue to develop ourselves continuously according to changing needs and demands.