SSL used in Motivacraft servers ensure secure data transfer between our users and system with encryption. The encryption on our system is the same system with encryption standards used in banks.

User Access

No one can access your company account unless invited by you as a user. In case of any technical or system-caused failure, only Motivacraft staff authorised from your account can access your data to provide support.

User Passwords

The users are expected to create strong passwords and the users are responsible for the security of the passwords they have created. In case of multiple incorrect log-in attempts, the user account is blocked. The sessions with long log-in duration are automatically logged out.

Physical Security, Network Security and Firewall

We are working with AWS for infrastructure, data centre, fibre connection and internet services. We are working with UzakNET firm for virtualisation, system management, physical security, data back-up, data management, data storage and licencing. Additionally, we are constantly receiving support from UzakNET company to instantly find and intervene in possible security vulnerabilities as our operating system and software develops. The network and data security against any external cyberattacks are ensured by Cloudflare. This way we create a strong firewall to protect our system and users.

Data Sharing

We undertake to protect the data privacy under us under the agreement. We are offering our users added value services with our business partners. For example, we offer an online payment service with a credit card via iyzico. When our users activate these services, there will be natural data sharing with these companies when these services are used. Other than that, we do not share your data with any institution, companies or individuals.

Data Back-Up

Your data is backed up daily in case of any technical problem and each back-up is stored for 2 weeks.

Your data is safer with Motivacraft

With Motivacraft, your data is not stored on your computer. This way your data is completely safe in case of computer failure, stealing or loss.

When you need to share your data with anyone inside or outside the company, you can assign these individuals as users instead of sharing your data via e-mail or USB and ensure safer access to your data.

For your data security:

  • Set a password that no one can guess
  • Do not share your password with anyone
  • Do not write down our password on a paper and leave it in the open
  • Update your browser
  • Make sure to log in only from address.