Motivacraft users can see the reflection of their activities instantly on the screen and start benefiting from the outcomes of their achievements. Collected points, earned badges and rewards will instantly provide them with positive feedback. But Motivacraft offers more than that.

They can instantly observe who close they are to their targets and how much a small step takes them to the grand prize or their target. They can enjoy achievements and appreciation individually and as a team. In the storified flow of Motivacraft, they can take their own development journey and see how much progress they make instantly and at any time.

Feedback Processes

Are you ready to increase your motivation?

What benefits to Motivacraft provide to you?

Raise Awareness

When they reach the important milestones for you, Motivacraft will make the necessary announcement to celebrate as a team. You can show the most important data for you on screens in your office or at home in real-time and by making visible and understandable to everyone.

Focus on Key Targets

With Motivacraft, you can make sure that the targets and tasks that will take you, team, to success are continuously visible and memorable. More importantly, you can instantly transmit where each team member is and what they need to do to achieve success.

Access Up-to-Date Data Everywhere

With the adaptive structure of Motivacraft, you can access the platform from any mobile device and you can monitor the progress and update of your team even when you are on the move.


Ready to increase your performance?

key properties

Prominent Features

Special themes and plans

You can easily apply suitable solutions with fun, special themes and plans that will encourage everyone to participate.

Data-driven decisions

You can’t develop what you can’t measure. No matter where you are Motivacraft visualise and report your most important metrics.

Defining your metrics

The important performance indicators for each company differs based on activity fields. Motivacraft can easily match the special needs of your company.

Increasing awareness and recognition

Increase participation and motivation with instant feedback. Enable your employees to stay as a part of your story.

Customisable reward market

You can specially design your reward market for your company. Your employees can convert the points they earned with real prizes.

Working in harmony

Motivacraft can work integrated standalone or with your own reporting tools. You can easily integrate into your existing infrastructure for a unique experience.