With Motivacraft, you can easily transform all training process to an environment to match academic skills and competences of the participants and to enrich in areas such as cooperation, empathy, leadership, communication and self-expression.

You can gamify the period before the training to make sure the participants participate with more preparation. You can also gamify the period after the training to help participants to transform their earned knowledge and competences with gamification into habits and behaviours. By observing the user activities before, during and after the training, you can monitor the efficiency and return of training investment.

Adult Training and Post-Training

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What benefits to Motivacraft provide to you?

Creates experience

With Motivacraft, you can turn the learning processes into fun experiences. You can include various reward processes such as points, badges and celebration of completed training to create a unique experience which the audience is connected with passion.

Make routine training more attractive

No matter how related and up-to-date the information is, occupational training such as compliance, security and occupational health is often perceived as a boring drudgery by the employees. With Motivacraft, you can turn these processes into fun activities and make sure that the knowledge is internalised and applied in daily life.

Measure the return of investment

The platform is the most important tool that you can use how much the knowledge is applied in real life and the return of investment for the training. With Motivacraft, you can include the necessary planning for desired behaviour change after the training into your daily processes and make sure they apply the knowledge.

Adult Training and Post-Training

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key properties

Prominent Features

Special themes and plans

You can easily apply suitable solutions with fun, special themes and plans that will encourage everyone to participate.

Data-driven decisions

You can’t develop what you can’t measure. No matter where you are Motivacraft visualise and report your most important metrics.

Defining your metrics

The important performance indicators for each company differs based on activity fields. Motivacraft can easily match the special needs of your company.

Increasing awareness and recognition

Increase participation and motivation with instant feedback. Enable your employees to stay as a part of your story.

Customisable reward market

You can specially design your reward market for your company. Your employees can convert the points they earned with real prizes.

Working in harmony

Motivacraft can work integrated standalone or with your own reporting tools. You can easily integrate into your existing infrastructure for a unique experience.