The first days of all employees in the office will determine his/her feelings about that company throughout his/her career. This is why orientation and onboarding programs should be planned to encourage individuals to learn more about the company and connect with the company. At this point, Motivacraft can be your biggest helper.

The platform will give you an environment where you can use all game mechanics as well as share visualised content including badges and rewards to increase learning speed and make training fun. You can make a soft transition from the onboarding process to business targets and obtain consistent and scalable results.

Orientation Processes

Are you ready to increase your motivation?

What benefits to Motivacraft provide to you?

Make First Experiences Unique

With Motivacraft, you can ensure your new team members to get a great first impression of the company. With a gamified training process, you can increase remembering the information rate for users and help them to use this information more effectively in their new roles.

Completely Digitalise the Process

Instead of boring and long PowerPoint presentations, you can create completely digitalised processes with Motivacraft where users can learn at their own time and pace. You can check their knowledge with regular and surprise tests. You can create badges to share the progress of your new team members with other members and managers.

Get Information as Much as You Give Information

With Motivacraft, you can add methods to your orientation processes where your employees will share feedback and provide improvement recommendations. While the employees can give active feedback, you can also monitor participation and learning indicators passively with task completion time, right answer rates in test result and rapidly identify and correct the problems.


Ready to increase your performance?

key properties

Prominent Features

Special themes and plans

You can easily apply suitable solutions with fun, special themes and plans that will encourage everyone to participate.

Data-driven decisions

You can’t develop what you can’t measure. No matter where you are Motivacraft visualise and report your most important metrics.

Defining your metrics

The important performance indicators for each company differs based on activity fields. Motivacraft can easily match the special needs of your company.

Increasing awareness and recognition

Increase participation and motivation with instant feedback. Enable your employees to stay as a part of your story.

Customisable reward market

You can specially design your reward market for your company. Your employees can convert the points they earned with real prizes.

Working in harmony

Motivacraft can work integrated standalone or with your own reporting tools. You can easily integrate into your existing infrastructure for a unique experience.