Socialization Module

Module General Description

People are even more motivated when their efforts are appreciated and visible. The News Feed, Chat and Appreciation components that are part of the Motivacraft Socialization Module have been developed to provide just that.

Module content

  • Newsfeed
    • Similar to all social media applications, this is an open sharing space. You can share a solution you found with your friends here or photos of your celebration as a team. You have the word!
    • You can write comments on the posts or show your likes by using the like button. In this way, you can get everyone's opinion on any subject in a transparent way.
  • Chat
    • You can instantly communicate with all participants or the groups you will create.
    • Chat component provides the opportunity to communicate quickly in crowded organizations or temporary environments such as events.
    • The component provides a fast and visible tool for announcements to be made throughout the organization.
  • Praisals
    • You can appreciate the work and achievements in front of everyone, ensure that the participants receive the praise they deserve in front of everyone, and keep everyone's motivation high.
    • You can quickly give feedback on the work done right and set an example for everyone.

Module Pricing


Payment: Monthly

Price: Starting from 1.50 USD per user/month

Socialization Module


Socialization Module
Socialization Module
Socialization Module