Onboarding with Impact

New hires ditch the yawn with Motivacraft! This flexible platform tailors onboarding to their pace, keeping them engaged and excited. HR teams win too, escaping repetitive tasks as Motivacraft automates trainings and presentations. Fresh, fun onboarding, happy employees, free HR – it’s a win-win-win!

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Streamlining HR processes with innovation

Forget boring paperwork and stiff lectures! Motivacraft gamifies onboarding, transforming it into a flexible, engaging adventure for new hires. They’ll devour training materials at their own pace, thanks to personalized learning paths and interactive challenges. HR teams win too, ditching repetitive tasks as Motivacraft automates presentations and trainings. The result? A streamlined onboarding process, happier employees, and HR with time to focus on strategic initiatives. Turn “new hire orientation” into “positive first impression” with Motivacraft. Let the journey begin!


Features to help you use this solution better


Learning as a game

Motivacraft turns learning and testing into an engaging game, making every step of the educational journey motivating and interactive.


Mini-LMS system

Combine learning with tasks using Motivacraft’s Mini-LMS system. Set goals like learning about a new product and selling it, measuring the impact and ROI of your trainings effectively.


SSO ready

Motivacraft is ready for Single Sign-On (SSO). Our methods ensure players can access our system using their own credentials, providing a seamless user experience.

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