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Motivacraft unleashes the hidden potential in your sales team. Gamified training ignites ambition, elevates skills, and propels them beyond targets, turning average performers into top achievers.

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Transforming sales with gamification

Unleash your sales team’s inner champions with Motivacraft! Gamify the sales process, ignite motivation, and soar past targets. Watch skills sharpen and confidence rise as fun competition meets learning. Turn “must-do” goals into “want-to-achieve” thrills with Motivacraft.

Features to help you use this solution better


Rule your game

Motivacraft empowers Gamemasters to create game rules, missions, and competitions that align with their goals and keep players motivated. This feature ensures your gamification journey is purposeful and engaging.


Centralized hub

Keep up with the pace of competition with Motivacraft’s centralized missions hub. This feature constantly updates players on their tasks and their standing in the competition, providing a clear view of their progress and what needs to be done next, without any extra effort.


Timely reminders

Never miss a beat with Motivacraft’s reminder feature. It ensures you’re always on track, sending timely reminders for upcoming tasks and competitions. Stay ahead of the game with reminders that keep you in the loop.
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