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We take messages from our peers more seriously. These messages are more likely to drive us than those from companies. Of course, you can share the message you want from your company accounts and expect it to reach the audience. But why would you leave it to chance?


Are you ready to increase your motivation?

How can Socialmot benefit you?

Increase brand reach

People love games and are impressed by everything fun. Using gamification, you can attract new customers in an original way.

Capture the millennial and Z-generations

Gamified content delivers exactly what new generations want. An environment in which they can quickly compete and get immediate results.

Change behaviors

Gamification is a great tool to influence user behavior, actions, and purchase decisions. The important thing is to motivate users by rewarding them appropriately.


Ready to increase your performance?

Prominent Features of

Prominent Features

Special themes and scenarios

You can rapidly implement appropriate solutions for your organization with entertaining, unique themes and scenarios that will make everyone participate.

Data-based decisions

You can't improve what you can't measure. Socialmot visualizes and reports your most important metrics, wherever you are.

Define your own metrics

The performance indicators that are important for companies vary according to their field of activity. Socialmot easily adapts to your company's specific needs.

Creating recognition and awareness

Increase participation and motivation with instant feedback. Allow your employees to remain part of the story.

Customizable prize market

You can design the prize market specifically for your company. Your employees can convert the points they earn here into real prizes.

Working in harmony

Socialmot can work on its own or integrated with the reporting tools you already have. Your infrastructure can be integrated easily for a unique experience.