Every solution starts with a well-defined problem.

To overcome the obstacles and to design more interesting, exciting and unique environments for everyone by using the power of gamification, we need certain information from you.

Few minutes you will spend to complete this information form with golden information to build our project on a solid foundation will bring success to our success and ensure solid grounds.

1 - Definition of the problem

a. How do you describe the purpose you want to achieve in one word?

Trying to summarize your opinion / barriers in a few sentences will help you focus on the underlying problem and help you understand what the critical outcome is.

b. Can you tell us about the development of your problem over time?

Try to briefly summarize the difficulties and obstacles you have experienced. What may have caused the problems you're having today? What is the brilliant and successful result you dream of achieving? What are the possible bad consequences if the required solution is not found?

2 - Understanding and Evaluation

a. Understanding your environment

It is highly likely that the environment you are in is alive and constantly changing. Can you tell us about your working environment to better understand the opportunities and constraints we have?

b. Understanding the target group

We know very well that each person's character is different. Nevertheless, we ask you to describe the common characteristics of your colleagues to us. How much free time they have. What is the cultural structure and demographic characteristics of which they belong in general? How important is the problem you are trying to solve?

3 - Measurable goals

a. What are your KPIs?

Nothing is real until it is measured. Write down key indicators that can be tracked and used as a measure for success.

b. What behavior changes do you want to achieve?

Numbers and data can be important. But for permanent and sustainable change, the data in question must be supported by real behavioral changes. Try identifying your audience's ideal behavior.

4 - About Yourself

a. Name and Surname

b. Email Address

c. Your company's website and brief resume

5 - Security