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Agentmot is cloud-based software that improves the motivation and performance of call center personnel individually and within the team. Agentmot's powerful, flexible and customizable gamification solutions are exactly the solution you need if agents are having trouble keeping track of their goals, are unable to anticipate how they can reach them, are having difficulty receiving feedback, or at times when you give feedback but it’s already too late and you can't keep track of progress or reward success on time.


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How can Agentmot benefit you?

More participation

Anyone who has worked in Call-center for more than a day knows how competitive the environment is. Negative emotions such as frustration, failure, and lack of appreciation, which reduce the motivation of agents, can be tackled easily and permanently.

Constructive competition

Agents are competitive by nature. With gamification, you can easily address this side of your employees. Thanks to the instant data flow, everyone can constantly monitor their own and their colleagues’ status.

Constant communication

Call-center processes can be perceived as individual effort, but they are actually a team sport. Agents should be collaborative, establish healthy communication, and move towards the common goal together. If successes or failures can be immediately seen, praise and support can be immediately offered.


Ready to increase your performance?

Prominent Features of

Prominent Features

Special themes and scenarios

You can rapidly implement appropriate solutions for your organization with entertaining, unique themes and scenarios that will make everyone participate.

Data-based decisions

You can't improve what you can't measure. Agentmot visualizes and reports your most important metrics, wherever you are.

Define your own metrics

The performance indicators that are important for companies vary according to their field of activity. Agentmot easily adapts to your company's specific needs.

Creating recognition and awareness

Increase participation and motivation with instant feedback. Allow your employees to remain part of the story.

Customizable prize market

You can design the prize market specifically for your company. Your employees can convert the points they earn here into real prizes.

Working in harmony

Agentmot can work on its own or integrated with the reporting tools you already have. Your infrastructure can be integrated easily for a unique experience.