We set out to create happy, effective and high performance work environments...

Today's employees prefer to work in companies where they can follow their personal development, give them clear and concrete goals, not only tell the targets to be achieved, but also provide them with the necessary methods and tools to achieve these goals. In 2015, the MotivaCraft platform was developed to meet the needs of companies with a solid corporate culture.

MotivaCraft adapts gamification mechanics to your business processes. In this way, your company employees will receive and give more feedback and they will be appreciated and rewarded as they reach their goals. All these changes increase employee happiness, productivity, loyalty and motivation. Moreover, they are able to know their targets more clearly thanks to the road map provided to them. They receive full support for the processes that will lead them to their goals. Moreover, thanks to the transparency of internal competition, they are able to develop continuously in a constructive and supportive environment. More communication, sharing and higher participation among employees is observed. Happy and motivated employees are experiencing serious reductions in their turnover rates and their loyalty to their companies is increasing.

While we provide employees with comfortable, happy and effective environments, we are pleased to offer an effective tool that will enable them to be ahead of their competitors and to carry them to success, and we continue to develop ourselves continuously according to changing needs and demands.


Orhan Küçükerman

Orhan Küçükerman

Co-Founder / Project Director

Physics Engineer

Koray İnan

Koray İnan

Co-Founder / Director of Business Development


Hakan Uzer

Hakan Uzer

Co-Founder / Marketing and Sales Director

Physics Engineer

Ö. Fırat Dursun

Ö. Fırat Dursun

Business Development Director


Mert Nuhuz

Mert Nuhuz

Software development


Kadir Selki

Kadir Selki

Software development

Management Information Systems

Kardelen Aris

Kardelen Aris

Sosyal Medya ve Dijital Pazarlama

Istanbul Commerce University

Advisory Board

Prof. Önder Küçükerman

Prof. Önder Küçükerman

Dean, Faculty of Architecture, Haliç University

Önder Küçükerman was born in Trabzon in 1939. On graduating from the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts in 1965 he began work as assistant in the Architecture and Interior Decoration departments.

In 1972 he opened for the first time in Turkey a department for Industrial Design in the newly founded Higher School of Applied Industrial Arts attached to the Academy. He worked until 1980 as head of the department while at the same time continuing his work in the Academy itself. 

In 1980 he was appointed Assistant Dean in the newly founded Faculty of Industrial Arts in the Academy and in 1982 he became head of the department of Industrial Product Design in the Faculty of Architecture of the Mimar Sinan University established on the foundations of the Academy of Fine Arts.

Between 1987 and 1993 he served for two periods as Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Mimar Sinan University. 

Önder Küçükerman has served uninterruptedly since 1971 as head of the department of Industrial Product Design.

As advisor to the Prime Ministerial office from 1984-1992 Prof. Küçükerman prepared projects on the subject of development and strengthening of traditional Turkish industrial resources from the point of view of design and creativity. 

In the same years he served as member of the executive committee and director of design in the Sümerhalı sector of Sümerbank Holding. He laid the foundations for the development of research and resources in industrial design and participated in their management. 

At the same time, during the years 1971-1995, he produced a large number of glass designs for Şişecam and Paşabahçe Glass Factory.

Önder Küçükerman is now head of the department of Industrial Product Design, and the Director of “M.S.U. Research Center for Developing the Industrial Design” in the Mimar Sinan University and member of the teaching faculty.

One of his duties in the university is as Turkish Correspondent of 'The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage' (T.I.C.C.I.H.)

Besides the production of a large number of works of scholarly and artistic research, articles, publications and TV programmes in his own specialised fields of industrial design, traditional design in Anatolia, the art of glassmaking and Turkish industry and the historical heritage of design, Önder Küçükerman has designed a large number of artefacts for industrial institutions and published a number of books.

Burak Yaman

Burak Yaman

Coordinator of Eczacıbaşı Holding Innovation and Enterprise Center

Burak Yaman is the ex-coordinator of KWORKS (formerly Koc University Incubation Center) that assists entrepreneurs to build sustainable and scalable tech startups such as Scorpapp.com, Kolayik.com and Stajim.net.

He is also co-founder of Lean Startup Atelier which promotes customer development and the Lean Startup methodologies in Turkish ecosystem. He has also served as coordinator for Startupbootcamp Istanbul which is a global network of industry focused startup accelerators.

Yaman organizes various startup events, including workshops, talks and networking events. Yaman also co-founded Venturro.com, an online matchmaking platform for tech entrepreneurs in 2012. Prior to founding Venturro, he was a founding member of an event organization company called Senkron Organisation.

Yaman has taken many courses about Technology Entrepreneurship and Advanced Entrepreneurship from NovoEd (formerly Venture Lab) and holds a Masters in HR Consulting and B.A. in Business Administration. He also teaches courses as a certified Lean Launchpad® Educator. Yaman focuses on growth hacking, software development, customer development and business development and he also acted as an advisor for various accelerator and angel networks.

He is currently the Coordinator of Eczacıbaşı Holding Innovation and Enterprise Center.


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HD Holding

Hareket Kontrol Teknolojileri Merkezi

Dormakaba Turkey


Yatağan Termik Energy


Our Collaborations

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Koç Sistem

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